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about us

The consequences of demographic change are perhaps more severely felt in Namibia than in any other country in the world.


The influx of very large numbers of unskilled people from rural areas into the towns is placing unaffordable demands on available capital for housing, schooling, and health services.


As a Result, Township Developers, Town and Regional Planners, Land Surveyors, many Government Departments, and Local Authorities, are looking at the use of technological tools that will enable them to plan and manage the provision of facilities and services effectively.

Our Commitment

Geo Business Solutions has a policy of training and employing previously disadvantaged individuals from the community. With improved specialised skills they can secure professional appointments at many of our GIS clients.


We will also gainfully employ these individuals in our company and utilise them in the GIS environment, as well as giving them further on-the-job training to ensure their career growth pattern. We see this as our contribution to the development of our country’s youth. The company has employed 18 students from Polytechnic of Namibia for their six months in service training

Our Capabilities

Geo Business Solutions is the centre of competence for GIS, remote sensing, and image processing.


Geo Business Solutions has a workforce of more than 12 employees involved in key departments of Consulting Projects, Third Party Development, Support and Training.


The personnel have backgrounds in Computer Science, Engineering, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Geographic Information Systems, Agriculture, Marketing, Finance, Business Development, Health, and Town Planning.

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